SPARK Career Coaching

You will spend 5 million minutes working – isn’t it time for a career you love?!

If you are a woman who is:

  • In a job you don’t like and are unsure of what job would make you happy
  • Returning to work
  • Ready to change fields
  • Wondering what’s next on the corporate ladder
  • Considering entrepreneurship

Stephanie’s SPARK Career Coaching Program is for you!

SPARK Career Coaching

When you enroll in SPARK, Stephanie will support you with one on one attention catered to your specific situation and goals. During a five-week break-through program that includes guided exercises, consulting calls and practical guidance – you will move from “this isn’t it” to “I love my career!”

In 5 weeks you will:

  1. Identify a passion-filled career path (yes, it’s really out there for every one of us)
  2. Build a meaningful network (in this difficult economy, it’s even more about who you know)
  3. Revamp your resume to showcase not what you’ve done, but what you CAN do for your dream employer
  4. Interview with ease while creating a polished professional image
  5. Close the deal on your dream job and negotiate the package you deserve

60-minute sessions are held in-person (Washington D.C. metro) or via phone scheduled around your convenience.

The complete SPARK package – 5 sessions – is $620.  Waking up with passion and purpose?  Priceless.

If you’re ready – let’s get started.

“…Somewhere between the entrepreneurial struggle and the comfort and ease that comes with aligning yourself with a corporate machine I lost sight of my life’s path and purpose. Then I met Stephanie.  Acting as inspiration and a sounding board, Stephanie gave me perspective, and focus; inspiring me to leap into my best life!” Alisha, Washington, DC

What You Get

Find your happy!  SPARK will not tell you what to do, but it can help you find a passion for a career you never knew you had.

With over 10 years of experience and industry contracts, Stephanie will help you complete a resume that will reflect what you have done and highlight the potential of what you can do.  Stephanie will also make sure that when opportunity comes knocking at your door, you have the interview skills necessary to close the deal on job of your dreams in a career you’re passionate about.

If your path leads you to leaping into entrepreneurship, Stephanie can help you find your way and realize your dream.


Meet Career Strategist, Stephanie Goetsch

Why work with Stephanie?  Because when clients work with Stephanie, they get results.

Stephanie’s passion is working with women in career transition to move them to a place of professional fulfillment.  She does this through personalized consulting, workshops and speaking.

Women work with Stephanie because of her extensive experience in recruiting and hiring and promoting women in Corporate America.  In addition, her extensive experience interviewing America’s most successful business women on provides her additional insight not provided to any other career coach.

“Empowered is how I felt after I met with Stephanie for the first time. Her energy and ability to pin point one’s strengths is “extraordinary”. Stephanie used the word extraordinary when we discussed my future and I have held on to that for motivation. She made me feel like I could soar!” Amy – Maryland

Every time Stephanie meets with a client, she brings wisdom, knowledge, experience and passion mixed with practicality to the table all to build you a career you love – and deserve.

“Finding ones career path is far from simple; luckily after meeting Stephanie Goetsch, I am finally on my way.  Stephanie has helped me envision the future I want and provided me with the tools and motivation I need to make it a reality and become successful.  Her proven and meticulous methods are refreshingly honest and helpful.  I have transformed from someone wanting a change, to someone making the change.  My business will launch soon and I couldn’t be happier.  I am so grateful for Stephanie’s knowledge and support.”  Jerisha – Delaware

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