Say Yes. A Holiday Story.

The holiday season already requires a lot from you: shopping for the perfect gift among hordes of fellow, often unpleasant, shoppers, cooking, planning, traveling, caroling, never mind being merry and bright!  Yes, the holidays are not for the faint of heart.  But, if I may be so bold, I would like to add one little thing to the list of what the holidays require from you – say yes.

The yes I’m talking about isn’t in response to “Would you like your receipt in the bag?” or “Would you like that with whip cream?”  The yes I’m talking about is nestled right inside of you.  

Let me explain…we are going to get religious, hang with me…

I’m already home for the holidays.  I like to head home mid-December and soak up the pampering that comes with being under my parent’s roof – being an independent woman gets exhausting!  When I’m home I spend my Sunday mornings in church and this past Sunday’s sermon really got me thinking.  The Pastor of my family’s Mesa, Arizona church shared the story of Mary and Joseph (Jesus’ parents…’tis the season) and did a skillful job of breaking down the enormity of what Mary was asked to do by carrying Jesus – virgin birth.  Many of you will know the story, but did you get this part: Mary was asked – not told – and given the opportunity to say yes or no to carrying a child that would be the Savior of Man.  Huge?!  Yeah.  Absorb this, a girl who was only about 14 years old, unmarried (but pledged to be married to Joseph – think engaged) was visited by an angel and asked to have the faith necessary to say yes to have a baby.  Did I mention that the local custom for sex outside of marriage was public stoning?!  Yet, when asked, she said yes.  Imagine if she had said, “Yeah, no thanks.”  Well, we wouldn’t have had Jesus…and if you’re a Christian, everything really hinges on Him.  So, yeah, big deal.

Here’s the point: I’m not here to convert you, question your beliefs, or change your mind.  For all of us, the lesson is the same: practice saying yes.  Life will present you with opportunities to say yes yet you might be inclined to say no because what you’re being called to feels too big, too scary, too off the course you imagined for your life.   Perhaps right now, that still small voice in the pit of you – intuition – is gnawing at you, but you’ve been too afraid to say yes.  Well I say if Mary can do it, so can we.  Imagine the world without what you have to offer?  If you back away in fear, what will you miss out on; what will we all miss out on?

What if the great women before, and during, our lifetime said “Nah, too hard”?

Fabulously enough, you don’t need to hunt and search for callings to say yes to – they will come in the right moment.  Your job right now is to prepare.  Lay a foundation by lovingly creating the best YOU.   If something is fluttering around your heart right now, how about saying yes; even if it feels too big, too scary, too crazy.  Surrender to your calling, take a chance, and see how life will blow you away.

I don’t want to live in a world without your contributions.  We need what you have to give, what you’ve been put on earth to do.  So go ahead, say YES!

 happy holidays my lovelies! 

p.s. Thanks for the lesson Mary, and of course, for saying YES!

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