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“It is my passion to move women from ‘I hate my job‘ to ‘I love my career!” – Stephanie

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2003, Stephanie found herself painfully unprepared for life after college.  Unsure of what career direction her life should take, Stephanie accepted and offer with a staffing agency in Milwaukee.

Unknowingly, this decision formed the foundation of Stephanie’s career in staffing and human resources.  Over the course of the next eight years, Stephanie was able to expand her talents to include interviewing and counseling employees through some of their biggest life decisions.

As a rising star in human resources, Stephanie continued to climb the corporate ladder even as she relocated to Washington, DC.  Interviewing, hiring, counseling, supporting and directing, both domestically and internationally, Stephanie found a professional niche where she excelled. While on staff, she has facilitated career preparation and transition workshops for students and professionals at Capital One (formally, Chevy Chase Bank) and United States Pharmacopeia.

After nearly a decade in corporate America, Stephanie found herself at a major career and life crossroads and after months of looking – she leaped into entrepreneurship, creating Exchange Network, LLC consulting services and

Today, Stephanie is an entrepreneur, Career Strategist, speaker and writer for HerExchange by Stephanie Goetsch and YFS Magazine. Each day, Stephanie calls upon her professional expertise and passion to support women through their professional crossroads by coaching women to spark their professional passion and build a career they love in her SPARK Career Coaching program, SPARKCollege and Look to Leaping Entrepreneurial Coaching.  When students and professionals leave a coaching session with Stephanie, they are far more than inspired, they are prepared.

On, Stephanie interviews experts, authors, celebrities, activists and more, uncovering their stories of success as a beacon to every woman navigating her own path.  Stephanie deeply believes that we are stronger together – no one can succeed alone.  On HerExchange, together, we move to our very best.

Stephanie holds Professional Human Resource certification (PHR) and Professional Recruiter Certification from AIRS, the industry’s only organization to qualify and certify professional recruiters.


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Passion: What is Passion?

I passionately love green tea and Dairy Queen Blizzards.  I’m a passionate friend and daughter, dedicated and loyal.  I have been passionate about love, falling in and out.  I’m passionate about white wine and long conversations with inspirational people.  I’m full of passion!

But my heart belongs to business – my business; my love, my addiction, my dedication – my passion.  Let me tell you how it happened…

In 1999 I entered college, ready to party and perhaps learn something now and again; until I entered a history class that changed me and how I saw the world around me.  Stories of the past resonated with me, came to life in my mind and I thirsted to hear more.  I participated in a program that allowed me to interview ‘regular’ men and women about their extraordinary lives.  One by one, the interviews rocked me, hearing real stories from real people – their courage, conviction and strength.  I didn’t know it at the time, but with each interview a spark was ignited, I was one step closer to passion.

Years passed, I walked the graduation stage and began a career in Corporate America.  I entered a life of ‘9-5’, cubicles and squelched creativity – it wasn’t working.  In fact, I was brutally unhappy.  Where was my passion, my light?  Nowhere in sight.  I climbed the corporate ladder, received praise and raises, but to no avail.  I knew that I wasn’t leading my whole life; I was wasting time, precious days that I could not get back in a life that didn’t fit.  But I didn’t know what the right fit was, yet.

It was February 6th, 2009 about 5:00 PM.  I had just finished another day at the office and hit the gym.  I was at the gym – not to clear my head so much as to counteract the fast food I had for lunch – either way, I was putting in a good run on the treadmill.  BAM!  I pushed the emergency stop button on the treadmill.  WTH?!  Clear and stark, my future washed over me.  I saw, without question, an online community for women called HerExchange.  Title, colors, look, feel and most importantly purpose, were complete in me – in an instant.  I felt alive – in an instant.  Passion was sparked – in an instant. Prayers answered – in an instant.

Over the next year, I fought like hell to bring my vision to life through business partnerships gone badly, disappointments and frustration.  I dug deep and found strength I didn’t know I had, I was in the midst of passion I had prayed for, I was forging ahead.

Passion for me is and working day and night to help other women find their passion-filled path.  I now spend my days running and growing my business, which includes speaking to groups of women about building careers they love, working one-on-one with women to identify and pursue their professional passions and interviewing successful and empowering women – hearing and sharing their stories.  It is my greatest hope that every woman feels welcome, appreciated and motivated when she works with me and visits  My greatest opportunity is to create a legacy of women inspired to live their whole lives, without a day wasted.

HerExchange launched in July, 2010 and two months later I quit my stable, consistent (hellish) job in Corporate America to dedicate myself to my passion.  The leap could have been frightening – some days it was scary as hell – but I rode the wave, certain that I was finally swimming in the right waters.  Light and passion had finally emerged and I will not let go.

Today, I wake up with purpose and joy.  I work long hard days, but oh, it’s so good!

xoxoxo – Stephanie

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    1. Jada Thornton says:

      You are accomplishing GREAT things through your service to others. Continue to let your passion lead you. You are AWESOME!!

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